Increase Sales in Global Marketplaces Easily with American Outlets

GoDataFeed makes it easy to sell on American Outlets. We’ve integrated into the platform, letting GoDataFeed merchants sell globally in just one click.

Simply use your existing GoDataFeed account to connect your products with millions of consumers in Israel with zero marketing and no international shipping obstacles to deal with. Sign up below and start selling with American Outlets today.



What is American Outlets?

American Outlets is Global E-Commerce Made Easy. They make selling cross border easy and profitable. Merchant integration in just one click, and they do the rest. They list your products on American Outlets, market them (digital, print, TV, radio ad campaigns), they send you the orders and you fulfill them to the US via individual or bulk shipping. Then they take it from there. American Outlets handles international fulfillment, taxes, customs, export regulations, returns, and customer service. It’s that simple.


 Reach millions of global customers and boost sales

American Outlets GoDataFeed CustomersAmerican Outlets has 4+ million customers in Israel with a $10+ million marketing budget to promote your products. Start selling cross border in just 3 easy steps.

Step 1. One click set up for merchants

In just one click merchant integration is completed via GoDataFeed. It’s as seamless as mapping any other template.

Step 2. Choose your US fulfillment option

Merchant order delivery simplified. Merchants choose individual or bulk fulfillment to send orders to the American Outlets US facility, consolidating orders regardless of where orders are placed globally. You simply fulfill to the US and American Outlets takes care of the rest.

Step 3. American Outlets fulfills orders globally

Merchants ship to American Outlets in 2-3 days and they fulfill the orders and handle all international fulfillment, taxes, customs, export regulations, returns, and customer support.

American Outlets GoDataFeed Marketing

Questions? Ask Us

We’re here to support your move to selling on American Outlets. Please contact us or call us at 1-800-555-1212 if you have any questions.

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